About Course

Film is all about dreams, creativity, storytelling and yes technical skills. Bachelor of Arts in Film, Television and New Media Production, BA(FTNP) isthe best place for learning these creative storytellingtechniques. BA(FTNP) is a sic semester under graduate program that offers CBCS based curriculum.Programme has student centric approach with fellow NEP policies.  The student can complete the course in maximum five years.  The course covers core papers, departmental specified elective papers and general elective papers. B.A(FTNP) program at IIMT University has been strategically designed to fulfill both academic and industrial requirements of the students with primary focus on conceptual, directional and operational skills. The notable areas of study include New Media program production &presentation&films studies. We aim to develop thinking filmmakers who have something to say to, and about, thesociety or world.

Each student will have opportunities of learn of making documentary and fiction production projects, shooting and editing on 16mm film as well as digitally, and working in small groups. You'll be able to choose from a number of specialist screen option modules.

Bachelor of Mass Communication is generally offered as a 3-year degree program. Though available in variants, the basic aim of the course is to provide in-depth knowledge of the different tools of Mass Media as well as its role in society. It usually encompasses the study of communication theories along with the basics of diverse aspects of media like journalism, broadcasting, public relations etc. Along with providing theoretical knowledge, the program also incorporates practical training to equip students with the technical comprehension of news reporting, broadcasting, filmmaking, amongst others.

Eligibility Criteria & Duration



• Under this programme students get expertise in Films making, Vlog, and more. • Bachelor programme open the door of media profession in early age. • SoMFT has well equipped Studio. • Curriculmdevelops as new world learning practice. • Students would have learning opportunities form training and internship in prestigious media organizations. • Students will have opportunity of meeting and interaction with eminent professionals and learn from their experience.