Certificate Course in Acting

About Course

Welcome to the IIMT University's Certificate Course in Acting, a thorough course created to give students the information and abilities necessary for a fulfilling career in acting and theatre. The course lasts 30 hours and is given in a hybrid style (online and offline). Character analysis, script analysis, voice modulation, movement, and other topics are covered in the programme along with other aspects of acting and  news reading. Students who register in this programme will have a competitive advantage in the labour market and be ready for a fulfilling career in acting and theatre.
The following list of programme highlights:
1.Hybrid manner: To give students flexibility, the programme is delivered in a hybrid manner that combines online and offline study.
2.Faculty with expertise: The programme is taught by experts with extensive experience in the field who have a thorough awareness of the most recent trends and methods in acting and theatre.
3.Learning via Doing: To give students real-world experience in acting and theatre, the programme allows them to work directly with diverse acting scripts and approaches.
4.Industry-Related Curriculum: The curriculum contains all the skills and information necessary to work in the sector and is created to fulfil the expectations of the industry.
5.Practical Projects: Throughout the programme, students will work on practical projects to put their newfound knowledge and skills to use.
6.Certificate: Graduates will be awarded a certificate from IIMT University, proving to potential employers that they have the abilities and knowledge required to work in acting and theatre.
For individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in this fascinating and dynamic industry, IIMT University's Certificate Course in Acting is a fantastic option. Take the first step towards a fulfilling career in acting and theatre by enrolling right away.

Eligibility Criteria & Duration

Duration: 30 hours

Career Prospects

Upon completion of the Certificate Course in Acting by IIMT University, learners will have a variety of career options in the field of acting and theatre. Some of the career prospects include:

  1. Actor/Actress: Learners can pursue a career as an actor/actress in films, TV shows, and theatre productions.
  2. Voiceover Artist: Learners can work as a voiceover artist for various projects, such as animated films, TV commercials, and video games.
  3. Theatre Director: Learners can become a theatre director and work on various productions, including plays, musicals, and operas.
  4. Acting Coach: Learners can work as an acting coach and help others improve their acting skills.
  5. Scriptwriter: Learners can work as a scriptwriter for various projects, including films, TV shows, and theatre productions.
  6. Casting Director: Learners can work as a casting director and select actors/actresses for various projects.
  7. Production Manager: Learners can work as a production manager and oversee various aspects of a production, including casting, budgeting, and scheduling.
The Certificate Course in Acting and by IIMT University provides learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in any of the above career prospects.