About Course

The home science department of IIMT University Meerut offers a 2-year post graduate degree program known as M.Sc. Home Science - Food & Nutrition. IIMT University offers this program to both boys and girls while many of the universities allow only girls to take admission in this program. This program specifically deals with the principles of the Nutritional values and the impacts of food on the Human Body.

Through this program students learn to make a bridge between the biology and food & nutrition; which helps them to completely understand the concept of the healthy eating as well as its benefits on humans


1. At IIMT University Meerut this program is offered to both boys and girls. 2. The main aim of this program is to enhance a student’s knowledge in various areas as on the :- • Implementation of the nutrients in the food. • Quality, composition and safety properties available in the food ingredients. • Fundamentals of a balanced food diet as well as its impact on the human body. • Understanding the value and importance of the fitness and the exercises. 3. Helps the students in developing a balanced food diet for the human body. 4. Provides basic concepts on utilizing the right nutrients in food to control health related issues. 5. It helps the students to create an overall balanced and nutrient-rich diet plan for everyone, like toddlers, pregnant women, old agers etc. 6. Student learn about the medical nutrition therapy of various lifestyle disorders like obesity, Cardio-vascular diseases etc. 7. Overall skill development of the students through sessions on Time Management, Decision Making and Problem Solving.

Career Prospects

After completing this PG course, students can work as: • A Clinical Dietician, • A Management Dietician, • A Consultant Dietician, • A Private Practitioner, • A private Dietician Consultant, • A Pediatrics Dietric Specialist, • As an assistant in the organisation’s dietetic department,

Eligibility Criteria & Duration

Eligibility: Graduation with 45% marks (B.Sc Home Science, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Dental Science, Biochemistry, Psychology, Microbiology, Agriculture in Life Science or equivalent examination.)

Duration: 2 Years

Fee Structure

Academic Year Tution Fee Book Bank Administrative fee (per year) Security (One time) Examination Fee Total
MASTER OF SCIENCE (HOME SCIENCE-FOOD & NUTRITION) 2 years 30000 15300 2000 Semester Pattern 47300

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

  • PEO-1 Equip and inculcate an interest in Research in the field of Nutrition.
  • PEO-2 To develop the ability for a feasible solution against major nutrition-related health issues in the country.
  • PEO-3 Proficiency in Lifestyle Diseases Management.
  • PEO-4 To develop an ability to function effectively with Leadership, establish goals, plan tasks and meet objectives.
  • PEO-5 Develop deep knowledge about the role of Therapeutic Nutrition in the disease condition of Vulnerable groups.

Program Outcomes (PO’s)

  • PO1:  Disciplinary knowledge and skills to be capable of demonstrating Basic Theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of subjects like Therapeutic Nutrition, Biochemistry, Nutrition, and Dietetics.
  • PO2:  Critical thinking reasoning and Problem-Solving in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • PO3:  To learn about the ability to practice empathy and objectivity in dealing with Community interaction and Industrial Visits.
  • PO4:  Self Directing learning (To have the potential to complete the assigned projects successfully).
  • PO5:  To understand skills in the field of Research and Scientific reasoning.
  • PO6:  To understand various processes involved in Program planning.
  • PO7:  To excel as an academician and research personnel
  • PO8:  To know the effect of various diseases on nutritional status and dietary requirements.

Programme Specific Outcome (PSO's)

  • PSO1:  To use theoretical knowledge in various applications of Food Preparations.
  • PSO2:  To understand different types of technologies used in the field of Food and Nutrition.
  • PSO3:  To understand causative factors and metabolic changes in various diseases//disorders.
  • PSO4:  To understand the different consequences of the behavior of an individual on his Health
  • PSO5:  To have coherent and systemic knowledge and understanding chemistry of Food Components.

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