IRC (International Relation Cell)

At IIMTU, we are dedicated to promoting internationalization and creating a globally connected community on our campus. Our International Cell serves as a one-stop destination for all matters related to international affairs. We aim to provide a comprehensive range of services and support to our international students, faculty, and staff.

We understand that coming to a new country can be challenging, which is why we offer a variety of services to assist international students in their transition to life in India. Our team provides pre-arrival information, airport pickup, accommodation assistance, and orientation programs to help international students settle in smoothly.

We also offer various academic programs and activities to promote intercultural exchange and understanding. Our international students can choose from a variety of courses and programs, including language courses, cultural activities, and student clubs. In addition to supporting our international students, we also facilitate collaboration and exchange programs with universities and institutions worldwide. We encourage our faculty members to participate in international conferences, research programs, and exchange programs to promote cross-cultural understanding and foster academic excellence.

At the International Cell, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive community. We celebrate the diversity of our students and faculty and strive to provide a welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and supported.


  • The International Relations Cell is the student arm of the International Relations Office of IIMTU that supports and coordinates plethora of international activities. The IRC is responsible for facilitating the Student Exchange Process for incoming students to ensure their smooth transition and outgoing students by coordinating with the International Relations Office.
  • IRC aims to take up activities and programs, which allocates Indian students to international students on exchange basis for academics as well as extra-curricular projects.
  • IRC also facilitates IIMT students to leverage opportunities of cultural exchange by studying abroad for a term and ensures a comfortable and enriching experience during the program.
  • Our Mission is to develop one of the finest student exchange programs in the country with partnerships in almost every continent of the globe. This is important to groom managers with international perspective and provide the students access to opportunities for personal and professional development and for enhancing their skills in the global competitive market.

What are the functions of the Cell? 

  • The International Relations Cell (IRC) is a standing committee of the organization.
  • The IRC seeks to foster attention to international research and education within the Institution and to encourage participation of education researchers worldwide in our activities.
  • The Cell is responsible for the administration of grants to support emerging scholars from other developing countries who meet the criteria laid down by authorities of the organization.
  • The Cell also manages to establish Relations with other developed Nations.

Message from the Head (IRC):

It is my privilege to share my views from the Head’s chair. The Office of International Relations has conducted a range of initiatives over the course of IIMT's more than 27-year journey. IRC has hosted various programs to foster scholarly partnerships with institutions abroad with a view to developing readiness of the faculty to meet the demands of the global community. A series of mentorship meetings, and interactive Workshops with a number of esteemed academics from foreign universities are planned. Despite the difficulties, IRC Office effectively created long-term strategies and practices, while also managing the challenges posed by time zone variances everywhere. IRC has been striving to organize mentoring sessions professionally designed for students to not only enhance their ability to perform high quality research but also to foster creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship among the students. It is mandatory to make our education system outcome-based. In order to execute the highest quality assurance requirements in our engineering, management, science and social science programs in a worldwide environment, we are committed to doing so through our carefully crafted, distinctive teaching methods. Through IRC we seek to develop learners who are well-rounded and capable of competing successfully in the global job market and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Vatsala Tomar

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