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IIC IIMT University Gets 4-Star Ranking, Highest Among North India Varsities

IIMTU IIC gets 4 star rating by MoE

The Institution’s Innovation Council awards have been released, and IIMT University is the top IIC in Uttar Pradesh to receive a rating of 4 stars—the highest among North Indian universities.

The rankings were made public on November 18, 2022, by the Union Ministry of Education.

An “Innovation cell” has been established by the Indian government’s Ministry of Education to systematically promote an innovative culture in all HEIs across the country. This puts IIMT University ahead of all other private universities in Uttar Pradesh and makes it the only university to achieve this level. The primary goal of the IIMTU Innovation Council, which is made up of students and educators, is to support, inspire, and motivate young students. IIC IIMTU has made rapid progress since its inception in 2018, and it has now reached the top. The Ministry of Human Resource Development’s elite standards have been met in most cases by IIC IIMTU. This was made possible by the IIC IIMTU team’s concerted and devoted efforts and their goal of inspiring students to become entrepreneurs. The Innovation Cell at IIMTU aims to support and encourage students on their journey toward entrepreneurship and innovation culture.

Dr. Deepa Sharma, Vice Chancellor, stated that only 59 institutes out of thousands of government and non-government universities in the country have received the highest star rating this year, with IIC receiving a 4-star rating. This category only includes four Northern Indian universities, the most notable of which is IIMT University. IIMT University was also one of the nation’s top ten universities last year. Since 2018, IIMT University has received the Highest Star (4/4) award, which makes the school proud even now.

Shri Yogesh Mohanji Gupta, Chancellor of IIMT University, stated, “IIMT University is known for its tireless work and achievements in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship.” He expressed his happiness at earning the top spot in the Star Ranking of Institutions Innovation Council (IIC).

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