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An education course serves as a foundational platform for individuals aspiring to become educators or enhance their pedagogical skills. At IIMTU, these courses delve into the principles of educational theory, instructional strategies, and classroom management. The curriculum includes modules on curriculum development, assessment methods, and the psychology of learning, providing a comprehensive understanding of the educational process. At IIMTU, students in education courses are exposed to diverse teaching methodologies, enabling them to adapt their approaches to cater to various learning styles. Moreover, these courses incorporate practical experiences, such as teaching practicums or internships, enabling aspiring educators to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world classroom settings.
In addition to pedagogical aspects, IIMT’s education courses address the sociocultural and psychological dimensions of education. This holistic approach helps educators understand the diverse needs of their students and create inclusive learning environments. Furthermore, as technology continues to shape education, modern courses may include modules on educational technology, preparing educators to integrate digital tools effectively into their teaching practices.
Ultimately, IIMT’s education course equips students with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives necessary to foster positive and impactful learning experiences for students, contributing to the overall advancement of the education sector.


B.Ed. Programs has been designed to prepare Educators for the 21st Century. The Bachelor of Education programme (B.Ed.) aims at preparing effective secondary school teachers, who are capable of responding to the progressive...
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Masters in Education (M.Ed) is a 2 years professional program in the field of teaching. The Master in...
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Doctor of Philosophy in education is offered to the candidates after they have earned post graduate degree in education. In IIMT University the Ph D program...
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