5 Best Things to Choose a University in UP for Journalism & Mass Communication Course

Media profession is the only profession that connects with every individual, every culture and every society; whether you’re a journalist or a film producer or an individual who works for the betterment of society and the mankind. Today, the media world is getting updated every day with the technology but the purpose of media still serves as the welfare of the society. This field requires creative, expressive and specialized skills of behaviour, technology and communication. Choosing a relevant platform to fulfil your dream helps you in leading and managing significant changes required to a professional equipped with new skill sets.

Our daily life cannot last even a day without News Channels, Newspapers, News Industry and film industry. And like any other industry, there is always a need of fresh talent, fresh faces and creativity. To meet the demand of this industry, there is a great need for talented trained professionals. IIMT University which is known as the top BJMC University in UP realised this new demand and started Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication course. After many positive reviews, the course became the best BJMC course in up and soon many successful courses related to film were included in the curriculum.

The university is continuously producing new talents in the fields of media. IIMT University the best BJMC University in UP has placed itself at a remarkable position in terms of facilities and training. At IIMTU, among many facilities, a fully equipped news studio is provided to the students on daily basis for their training. Regular industrial tours are being organised from time to time to provide professional experience to the students. Industry experts, senior journalists, editors and media personalities and experts from the film industry are delivering guest lecturers for students to get a chance to interact with the industry experts. 

Old traditional technologies are gone and new advanced embedded technologies are being introduced as the world of media is changing day by day. IIMT University the BJMC University in Uttar Pradesh is evolving constantly with the new technologies. Though, Artificial intelligence and machine learning have made it easier to operate the media; fresher’s need to tackle this dual challenge at the very beginning of their career in order to succeed in the advancing media world. IIMT School of Journalism and Mass Communication is helping the students to learn all the new technologies under 1 roof.

IIMT University is the top BJMC University in UP which has an excellent studio that is producing news programs regularly. The cameras installed in the studio provide the students with the exclusive advantage of practicing in the atmosphere of the news channel. IIMT Radio FM 90.4 is the oldest community radio station in Meerut, which has been ranked top in UP CRS. Students get internship opportunities in IIMT Radio which makes them ready for their future.

NET, JRF, PhD and media specialist teachers are teaching the students in the IIMT University who have vast experience in multiple media roles thus, preparing students for the best industrial experience. IIMTU, the top BJMC University in U.P. (Uttar Pradesh) prepares its students for the journalism industry and armouring them with media-related software, communication tools, skills and more to achieve the very best in their media career.