About Course

B.Ed. Programs has been designed to prepare Educators for the 21st Century. The Bachelor of Education programme (B.Ed.) aims at preparing effective secondary school teachers, who are capable of responding to the progressive needs of the modern Indian Society.

This program is a two years (annual) professional program that prepares skilled and trained teachers for the upper primary or middle level (VI-VIII), secondary level (IX-X) classes. The successful completion of this program would lead to the award of a Bachelor Degree of Education. This programme has been approved by NCTE, an apex body for governing and regulating entire teacher Education Programme in India.

This programme enables prospective teachers to understand the nature, purpose and philosophy of the secondary education and to acquire competencies relevant to the specific pedagogies.


  • Orientation and Demonstration of micro-teaching, simulation teaching and Macro teaching by using LCD Projector.
  • A platform for an internship to learn teaching skills and techniques.
  • Extra-curricular activities for all round development of the young minds.
  • ICT is used in the curriculum transaction and in the teaching practice.
  • Provide remedial teaching for the weak students.
  • An appropriate blend of theory and practice teaching
  • Well-equipped and well maintained laboratories like: Science, Social Science, Language, Mathematics, ICT, Educational psychology to enhance their teaching skills through experiments, demonstrations and presentations.
  • Innovative pedagogical practices used are: problem based learning, storytelling learning, and flipped & blended learning etc.

Career Prospects

  • This Bachelor of Education program helps the student to pursue a career in multiple areas related to teaching.
  • Students become eligible for government jobs, private jobs and even have self-employment opportunities.
  • May become successful entrepreneurs too.
  • After completing this program any student can start his/her career as TGT/PGT Teacher in Government or Private Schools to teach the students of upper primary or middle level (VI-VIII), secondary (IX-X) classes.
  • One may become the administrator/principal of the school.
  • Can pursue higher studies such as Master of Education (M.Ed.) or in Master of Arts in Education (MA Education) program.

Eligibility Criteria & Duration

Eligibility: Candidate with at least 50% Marks either in the Bachelor Degree and / or in the Master’s Degree in Sciences / Social Sciences / Humanities, Bachelors in Engineering Or Technology with specialization in Science & Mathematics with 55% Marks or any other qualification equivalent therefore are eligible for admission to the program.

Duration: 2 years

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

  • PEO-1 To promote high standards of professional education in student teachers so that they can use their potential to plan a critical role in shaping the nations
  • PEO-2 To develop the theoretical knowledge of the subjects interwoven with a repertoire of pedagogical practices as hand on teaching experiences and the efficient uses technology as a teaching and learning tool.
  • PEO-3 To prepare motivated, engaged, enlightened, effective teachers by balding necessary skills, functional knowledge and attitude for different levels of Education.
  • PEO-4 To produce efficient, accountable, and compassionate teachers through the integration of the exposure and multiple opportunities for opting to theoretical and practical experiences in respect of each subject with the a reflective vision.
  • PEO-5 To foster the understanding of classroom complexities right from planning teaching to evaluating outcomes of students with the help of using innovative pedagogies and strategies.
  • PEO-6 To develop competences in carrying out action research to solve different type of current problems of student's learning and adjustment, thereby modifying their learning behavior of students.

Program Outcomes (PO’s)

  • PO1:  To develop mastery in subject Competence and in teaching their respective subjects.
  • PO2:  To organize curricular and extracurricular activities in the school to draw the latent talent and creativity.
  • PO3:  Exhibit the vision into the planning and executing school activities.
  • PO4:  Able to have expertise knowledge of different methodologies and teaching skills.
  • PO5:  To handle and solve the problems of students pertaining to learning, adjustment and discipline in class and outside the class
  • PO6:  Imbibe with the responsibility how will take teaching as a mission and act as a mentor, facilitator, experimenter, scientifically solve the problem by doing action research and a guide.
  • PO7:  Demonstrate the understanding of and command over subject matter and application of pedagogical learning resources.
  • PO8:  Make use of techniques of evaluation for determining the level of student learning performances.
  • PO9:  Understand the use of digital/interactive learning environment i.e. ICT based communication for effective teaching learning.
  • PO10:  Differentiate among the various approaches of lesson planning for respective subjects and become efficient in managing school activities.

Programme Specific Outcome (PSO's)

  • PSO1:  Understand how to plan the teaching lessons in different academic streams arts, science and Humanities.
  • PSO2:  Capacity to manage the challenges of inclusive classroom.
  • PSO3:  Capable in the use of creative thinking for enhancing professional competency.
  • PSO4:  Understand the psychology of learner and accordingly build a positive learning oriented environment.
  • PSO5:  Insight into the use of various innovative methods of teaching in class such as e-learning, blended learning, co-operative learning, collaborative learning, discovery learning and ICT etc.
  • PSO6:  Efficiency in the use of reinforcing and motivational strategies to promote student learner.
  • PSO7:  Understand the use of different evaluation procedure-formative and summative assessment (CCE).
  • PSO8:  Capacity to identify the learner's problems and plan action research project accordingly.
  • PSO9:  Exhibit the science of ethics in dealing with students in discriminately and with compassion.