About Course

The Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports is a three-year program designed to prepare the students for the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the field of physical education and sports. This program at IIMT University acclaimed as Best Private University in North India helps students understand the movements of the human body with their mechanics. It also helps in developing skills in various sports and gives a platform where students can modify their personality as a whole.


  • Three Years Degree Program designed for developing Professionalism in Physical Education.
  • Opportunity to participate in various National and International Competitions.
  • Enhancement of athletic Skills and Performance under the supervision of the Professionals.
  • Platform to interact with the eminent personality from physical education and sports world.
  • Facility for an internship to learn teaching skills and techniques.
  • Development of managerial skills with independent learning and access of optimum facilities related to physical education and sports.

Career Prospects

  • This bachelor's program in physical education and sport helps the student pursue a career in multiple areas related to physical education and sports.
  • The students can be placed in government jobs, private jobs and even take up self-employment opportunities.
  • They can also work as Physical Education teachers, instructors, sports teachers and fitness trainers in government schools, private schools, government colleges, private colleges, gyms & fitness centres, sports franchises and Sports clubs.
  • Moreover, you can start your own gym, fitness centre, yoga centre, etc.
  • Recruiters of physical Education teachers having BPES are Govt. and Pvt. Schools

Eligibility Criteria & Duration

Eligibility: "• 10+2 passed only • Candidate seeking admission to BPES must qualify the Physical Fitness Test. • Should be Medically Fit to undergo the course. • Be free from Physically challenged disability. • Applicant must have represented the District/School in any game and Sports. "

Duration: 3 years

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

  • PEO-1 To improve physical competence and awareness related to body mechanics and to use these abilities to perform various physical activities.
  • PEO-2 To prepare trained physical education teacher so that they can serve in various educational levels.
  • PEO-3 To impart knowledge with latest and innovative teaching pedagogies.
  • PEO-4 To provide learning friendly environment where students can excel theoretically and practically.
  • PEO-5 To provide them exposure to latest trends in research.
  • PEO-6 To give platform so that they can perform their skills national and internationally.
  • PEO-7 To foster learning with various advance technologies.
  • PEO-8 To prepare students for various government and private sectors as per the interest.

Program Outcomes (PO’s)

  • PO1:  Nurturing professional capacity to acquire and applied the knowledge in the area of physical education.
  • PO2:  The horizon of understanding of the subject will be winded to contribute in evolving the systems of physical education Teacher Education and policies
  • PO3:  Become more innovative and creative to carry out quality researches for their continuous development in the area of academics and contribution to their.
  • PO4:  Develop deep insight as to how student’s variations may be accommodated and be encouraged to facilitate research proposal with academic integrity and professional ethics.
  • PO5:  To Deliver quality physical education program through big muscular activities.
  • PO6:  Become competent in the use of problem solving skills and reflective practices to grow into their understanding so that they may apply knowledge and skills to deal with emerging issues in the field of education and society.
  • PO7:  Empowerment of students with content knowledge, best practices in innovative pedagogy, multifaceted professional goal to earn good employment and become effective teacher educator and best researcher.
  • PO8:  Become capable of providing physical educational leadership in the area of policy making, experimentation, entrepreneurship and self development.
  • PO9:  Become efficient in use of digital technology in field of physical education for effective professional communication skills for teaching and learning and a tool that will serve as a resource for carrying out research.

Programme Specific Outcome (PSO's)

  • PSO1:  The students achieve skills, and strategies associated with different sports, and get learning experiences physical conditioning activities.
  • PSO2:  To inculcate in students the spirit of co-operation, leadership, fair play and sportsmanship.
  • PSO3:  To provide foundation of sport studies with the knowledge of various science viz exercise physiology, sport psychology etc.
  • PSO4:  To promote mass participation in physical education and sports through intramural and extramural programmes.
  • PSO5:  To, develop research attitude .
  • PSO6:  Achieve a thorough knowledge and issues related to sports.
  • PSO7:  To enable students to apply knowledge, skills and expertise gained from the programme to sport events.
  • PSO8:  To provide each student with the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive programme consisting of skill development, lead up games, team sports and physical fitness activities.