About Course

The three-year undergraduate degree known as B.Sc. (PSM) is devoted to the study of statistics as the main subject along with physics and mathematics. Statistics include the gathering, examination, interpretation, presentation, and arranging of numerical data. This field of study employs statistics to address issues in business, society, and science. The study of inference from the data is known as statistics. Additionally, students receive instructions in using several statistical programs for data analysis. There are numerous career options in statistics. Data analysis is a very popular course right now. Statistics and R software are fairly compatible. R, machine learning, and Python are excellent tools for analysing large amounts of data. This level of knowledge is particularly excellent since it provides a strong foundation for harder courses like Statistics etc. The banking sector and financial firms also offer employment opportunities to Statistics students.


• Among students one of the best options to select is statistics.
• Variety of options in business, marketing, economics, biology, public health, sports, etc.
• B.Sc. (PSM) is prerequisite for many master’s degree programs.
• This program plays crucial role in knowing simulation.
• Encourages the advancement of research and novel ideas.
• Unit wise assignments & tests.
• Conduction of seminars, conferences and workshops to promote research.
• NPTEL/SWAYAM and NCC are part of our curriculum.

Career Prospects

Statistics is one of the most preferred careers subjects among students.
As statisticians or data analysts, the students may pursue a variety of careers in the areas of :

• Commerce,
• Marketing,
• Economics,
• Biology,
• Public health,
• Sports etc.
This course is also a prerequisite for M.Sc. (Statistics), M.Sc. (Data Science), MCA, and other Masters Degree programmes.

Eligibility Criteria & Duration

Eligibility: 10+2 PCM with minimum 40% Marks.

Duration: 3 years

Fee Structure

Academic Year Tution Fee Book Bank Administrative fee (per year) Security (One time) Examination Fee Total
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (PSM) 3 years 15000 11550 1000 Semester Pattern 27550

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

  • PEO-1 The students will have knowledge of fundamental laws and principles in a variety of areas along with their applications
  • PEO-2 The students will develop research skills which might include advanced laboratory techniques, numerical techniques, computer algebra, computer interfacing
  • PEO-3 The students will become effective researchers who will be able to provide a lucid summation of the scientific literature on a given topic of study.

Program Outcomes (PO’s)

  • PO1:  Development of Scientific Temperament: To develop scientific temper in students and out the scientific community.
  • PO2:  Core Competency: Create an awareness of the impact of physics, chemistry & mathematics on the environment, society, and development outside the scientific community.
  • PO3:  Critical Thinking: The objective of the course is to develop the ability to solve problems and also think scientifically and independently and draw rational conclusions. Students possess the key ability to observe accurately and objectively.
  • PO4:  Digital Literacy: Use modern techniques, decent equipment, and Science software’s
  • PO5:  Employability: graduates in various sectors both in public and private in addition to enhancing self-employability and entrepreneurship characteristics

Programme Specific Outcome (PSO's)

  • PSO1:  To impart proper knowledge of science and technology related to subjects to the graduates.
  • PSO2:  To enhance the skills of the graduates with the ability to implement the scientific concepts as per the societal need.
  • PSO3:  To prepare the graduates to understand physical system and processes to address social and scientific challenges.
  • PSO4:  To impart proper knowledge of digital literacy in the specific field of science & technology.
  • PSO5:  To enhance the employability of graduates in various sectors both in public and private in addition to enhancing self-employability and entrepreneurship characteristics.

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