Ph.D Commerce

About Course

Ph.D (commerce) or Ph.D in commerce is a 3 to 5years fully fledged course that plays a crucial role in the world of Business & Commerce, Finance, Taxation and a whole lot of other sectors of the economy. The major eligibility is a master's degree in a cautiously related subject for pursuing the course.

The course totally relies on intense research work dealing with immense technicalities and upon completion there are ample of job opportunities available like research consultant, associate professor, e-commerce executive etc.


  • Research-based: The program is research-based and focuses on advanced studies and research in various fields of commerce, providing a rigorous academic and research experience to students.
  • Experienced faculty: The department has a team of experienced and highly qualified faculty members who provide mentorship and guidance to the students.
  • Customized research: The program allows students to pursue research in their areas of interest and expertise, providing a customized research experience.
  • Industry exposure: The program provides ample opportunities for industry exposure and collaboration to facilitate the application of research in practical settings.
  • Scholarships and funding: The department offers various scholarships and funding opportunities to support students in their research endeavors.
  • Networking opportunities: The program provides networking opportunities with leading researchers and scholars in the field of commerce, both nationally and internationally.
  • Academic and research careers: The program prepares students for academic and research careers in commerce and related fields, enabling them to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and practice in the field.

Career Prospects

The PhD in Commerce program at IIMT University prepares students for academic and research careers in commerce and related fields. Graduates of this program can pursue various career paths, including:

  • Academia: Graduates can work as professors, lecturers, or researchers in universities and colleges, contributing to the advancement of knowledge and practice in the field.
  • Research: Graduates can work as researchers in government and private organizations, conducting research in various areas of commerce and related fields.
  • Consulting: Graduates can work as consultants, providing expert advice and guidance to organizations in areas such as accounting, finance, taxation, and business management.
  • Entrepreneurship: Graduates can start their businesses and apply their research findings in practical settings, contributing to the growth and development of the business world.
  • Policy-making: Graduates can work as policy-makers in government organizations, contributing to the development and implementation of policies related to commerce and related fields.
Overall, the PhD in Commerce program at IIMT University provides a strong foundation for students to pursue successful careers in various fields of commerce and related areas.

Eligibility Criteria & Duration

ELIGIBILITY: PG in relevant subject with 55% marks JRF/ NET/ GATE/ GPAT/ (as the case may be) is exempted from Ph.D. entrance test.sss

Duration: Minimum 3 years