Ph.D. (Statistics)

About Course

The Ph.D. programme of the department aims to generate graduates who have a broad background in applied mathematics & statistics and who are capable of working at the cutting edge of their selected specialty fields. The department initially trains the scholars to a variety of subjects which gives them a chance to fill in any knowledge gaps and gives them a close-up look at the doctoral research process as well as possible research fields and mentorship. Proper analysis of readiness and capability is the basis for moving on to further training and doctoral research. After the conclusion of each semester or annual study program, students' performance is assessed. Research and publication ethics is a must part of the course work. This subject provides knowledge of all kinds of research or scientific ethics. Department has introduced research methodology as the integral part of the course work which gives basic training of conduction of research.


• Program provides research on various models of data analysis. • Department provides a research friendly competitive environment to the scholars. • Regular research activities such as seminars, conferences, guest lectures, poster presentation, etc. • Course work is an essential part of the program. • Research covers knowledge of simulation and its importance in modeling. • Program gives basic knowledge of R software, machine learning, Python, etc.

Career Prospects

• Teaching and research in govt. and private sectors.
• Data analysts in the sectors of business, marketing, economics, etc.
• Data analysis in banking and financial sectors.
• Simulation modeling of specialized data.
• Modeling and data interpretation in govt. and private sectors.
• As a statistician specialist in the field of biology, health, chemistry, etc.

Eligibility Criteria & Duration

Eligibility: A master's degree in relevant subject is required as per UGC rules.ssssss

Duration: Minimum 3 years