M. Tech. (Production Engineering)

About Course

M.Tech in Production Engineering is a postgraduate course in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. It is a two year program which is divided into 4 semesters, the first two semesters are for course work and the remaining two are for research work. Manufacturing technology and management science are generally combined in production engineering with a goal of completing the production processes efficiently and cost-effectively.

Production engineering is related to the process of designing, controlling and improving integrated systems for delivering high-quality goods as well as services to the clients in a timely and cost-effective manner. After a design is issued in a specific industry, work-study, production planning, construction management, operations research, ergonomics, tooling, material management, transportation etc; all play essential roles in efficient production processes.

Students have many career opportunities in various positions like Manufacturing Production Manager, Supply Chain Coordinator, Industrial Engineer etc. Students can also go for doctoral program (Ph.D.) after completing M.Tech.


  • Produces experts in industrial and production systems.
  • Experimental learning through world class research oriented modern laboratories.
  • Makes Globally competent innovations, technologies and advanced research
  • Develops critical thinking for employability and interdisciplinary research
  • Makes use of modern tools for product design and development.
  • Enables designing and solving complex problems through experimentation.
  • Includes professional, social and ethical aspects in technological solutions.

Career Prospects

After completion of in production engineering students have multiple career opportunities at various positions like:

  • Manufacturing Production Manager,
  • Supply Chain Coordinator,
  • Industrial Engineer,
  • Lecturer/Professor in Universities and Colleges,
  • Manufacturing Production Manager,
  • Project Engineer,
  • Quality Assurance Engineer,
  • Business Development Engineer,
  • Subject matter expert in prestigious coaching institutes, 
  • Sales Engineer or Marketing Engineer,
  • Students can also go for the services in Telecommunications units of Indian Railways,
  • VLSI Design Units and Home Appliances Services for Defence,
  • Aviation Industry,
  • Automobile Industry and
  • Power Industry.

Eligibility Criteria & Duration

Eligibility: B.Tech. with 55% marks

Duration: 2 years