Alumni Connect at IIMT: Exploring Nursing Opportunities Abroad


In the series of Alumni Connect, an interactive session was organised at IIMT College of Medical Science (Nursing) on January 29th, 2024. Ms. Rubina Khan, from  GNM Program (2009-2013 Batch), was the expert speaker. Ms. Rubina Khan is a Senior Staff Nurse at ABHA International Private Hospital in Saudi Arabia.

The session started with the inaugural words by Ms. Kanika Pundir. Afterward, Mrs. Asha Yadav facilitated Ms. Rubina Khan. Our alumni shed light on "Opportunities for Nursing Staff in Arab Countries ”. Her focus was on the following points:

  1. Nursing staff in Arab countries have numerous opportunities within the rapidly growing healthcare sector. The increasing demand for healthcare services in the region, driven by population growth and advancements in medical technology, creates a significant need for qualified nursing professionals.
  1. One prominent avenue for nursing staff is employment in state-of-the-art hospitals and healthcare facilities that are expanding to meet the rising healthcare demands. Additionally, the development of medical tourism in Arab countries has further opened doors for nursing professionals to work in world-class healthcare institutions catering to both local and international patients.
  1. Arab countries are also investing heavily in education and training programs for healthcare professionals, presenting opportunities for nursing staff to enhance their skills and contribute to the development of the healthcare workforce. This commitment to education is creating a conducive environment for career advancement and specialization within the nursing field.
  1. Moreover, the implementation of digital health solutions and telemedicine in Arab countries is creating new roles for nursing staff in remote patient monitoring, virtual care, and health informatics. Embracing these technological advancements enhances the overall quality of healthcare services and provides diverse career paths for nursing professionals in the region. In summary, nursing staff in Arab countries can capitalize on the dynamic healthcare landscape, finding numerous opportunities for growth, specialization, and making meaningful contributions to the well-being of the population.

Further, she explained the entire process of moving abroad and successfully managing hospitals, including the bottlenecks, hurdles, mistakes, and methods of overcoming them. She said:

  • Managing hospitals abroad involves navigating through various challenges. The initial challenges include adapting to a new culture, understanding local healthcare regulations, and building relationships with the staff. Language barriers may pose communication challenges that impact the effectiveness of management.
  • Bottlenecks often arise from differences in healthcare systems, technology, and administrative processes. Misinterpreting regulations can lead to compliance issues, and overlooking cultural nuances may affect patient care. Mistakes may occur in financial planning, resource allocation, and recruitment.
  • Successful management requires proactive problem-solving. Overcoming language barriers involves hiring bilingual staff and offering language training. Adapting to local regulations involves hiring local experts and staying updated on policy changes. Bridging cultural gaps requires fostering an inclusive work environment and engaging in cultural competency training.
  • Effective communication, regular feedback, and fostering a collaborative team spirit can mitigate initial resistance from existing staff. Implementing robust technology solutions and standardizing processes help streamline operations. Building partnerships with local healthcare providers and community leaders enhances overall success. Flexibility, resilience, and a commitment to continuous improvement are key to overcoming challenges and achieving successful hospital management abroad.

iimt university nursing department alumni talk

Students of GNM gained extensive knowledge from Ms. Rubina Khan regarding the entire process and new job opportunities overseas. This event was conducted under the guidance of Mrs. Pooja Vashistha (Head of Alumni Cell), with the supervision of Mrs. Asha Yadav (Principal of Nursing), and key support from all the staff of Nursing


Alumni Connect at IIMT: Exploring Nursing Opportunities Abroad