Embracing the Healing Journey: Oath Ceremony Welcomes New Nursing Students at IIMT University


On 30th December, 2023, in the hallowed halls of IIMT University, anticipation and excitement filled the air as faculty, students, and esteemed guests gathered for the solemn and inspiring Oath Ceremony, marking the induction of a new cohort of nursing students into the university's distinguished nursing program.

The ceremony, held in the seminar hall of H Block, was a celebration of commitment, compassion, and the noble pursuit of healing. As the incoming nursing students took their seats, adorned in crisp white uniforms symbolizing purity and dedication, the atmosphere buzzed with the energy of new beginnings and the responsibility associated with the nursing profession.

The event began with a warm welcome from the Principal of Nursing, who emphasized the transformative journey that lay ahead for the students. She spoke passionately about the crucial role nurses play in healthcare, serving as the backbone of the medical profession and providing comfort and care to those in need.

Following the welcome address, the ceremony took a poignant turn as the faculty, dressed in their traditional academic regalia, led the nursing students through reciting the Nursing Oath. The Oath, a sacred commitment to uphold the highest standards of patient care, ethics, and professionalism, echoed through the auditorium as the students repeated each line with unwavering determination.

As the words of the Oath reverberated, they served as a powerful reminder of the profound impact nurses have on the lives of individuals and communities. The ceremony emphasized not only the acquisition of clinical skills but also cultivating qualities such as empathy, resilience, and cultural sensitivity – qualities that elevate nursing beyond a profession to a calling.

To add a personal touch to the ceremony, an inspiring journey of an experienced nurse with many years of service was shared with the students. Her stories of successes, difficulties, and the meaningful bonds developed with patients deeply resonated with the new nursing students, serving as a source of inspiration and motivation for the path forward.

The climax of the ceremony was marked by the symbolic lighting of candles, each representing a commitment to illuminate the way of healing and compassion. The flickering flames symbolized the interconnectedness of the nursing community, as each student pledged to carry the torch of knowledge and kindness throughout their careers.

The Oath Ceremony at IIMT University served not only as a formal induction but also as a poignant rite of passage for the new nursing students. The event reinforced IIMT's commitment to nurturing compassionate and competent healthcare professionals who are not only skilled in their field but also motivated by a profound sense of purpose. As the newly inducted nursing students left the auditorium, they carried with them not just the knowledge gained from textbooks but a profound understanding of the sacred duty they had willingly embraced – to heal, comfort, and make a difference in the lives of those entrusted to their care.

This meaningful ceremony was organised by IIMT College of Medical Sciences (Nursing) under the guidance of Dr. Deepa Sharma (Vice - Chancellor of IIMT University) who was the chief guest of the ceremony. Mrs. Asha Yadav ( Principal of Nursing) supervised the whole ceremony, along with the support of the staff of Nursing.


Embracing the Healing Journey: Oath Ceremony Welcomes New Nursing Students at IIMT University