Two-day FDP workshop in collaboration with Pine Biotech

In accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that IIMT University and Pine Biotech have signed, the School of Life Science and Technology (SoLST) of IIMT University is hosting a two-day workshop in collaboration with Pine Biotech. With a Novel Approach, this workshop seeks to address the difficulties in treating diseases and promoting wellness among the human beings. IIMT University Faculty members will be able to create projects and curricula on big data and bioinformatics with the help of this workshop.

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Detailed signals that describe sub-cellular processes can be recorded by researchers using new technologies. These have the potential to advance medicine, energy and food production as well as alter how we treat many diseases. Many are using computational algorithms that enable repetitive and complex tasks because of the complexity, volume and variability of data.  Data is becoming more & more important for every Biologist, Researcher, Scientist and Faculty member or an Educator and its important now to be aware of & to be a part of this transformation of BIOLOGY AS DATA SCIENCE. The ongoing transformation has led to a widespread acceptance of & use of data-driven methodologies and bioinformatics for the analysis of data from High-throughput experiments.

 Workshops for developing collaboration to close the gap between conventional and contemporary research approaches will be a part of this teaching faculty training program. To assist their instructors or educators, this specialised session is intended for teaching faculty from universities, research institutions, businesses and other organisations. The Pine Biotech team specialises in bioinformatics, data science and big data project-driven curricula that are integrated with the university's curriculum. They assist students in utilising the available resources and collaborate with business leaders to create cutting-edge research projects and data analysis skill sets. In addition to preparing the teaching faculty to develop and work on cutting-edge biological & biomedical research fields using collaborative resources, this collaborative specialised training also assists students and researchers in preparing for industrial or academic jobs and internships as well as their capacity building.