In a momentous event, under the competition called, "Best Diplomats" which is a UN recognised New York based organization, Miss. Diksha Bharti a second-year B.Ed student at IIMT College of Education  was honored with the Outstanding Diplomat Prestigious Award by the United Nations for her exemplary work on: “Protecting the rights of refugee children in developed countries.” This recognition underscores her unwavering commitment to championing the cause of vulnerable children and aligns with Sustainable Development Goal 10 (SDG 10) – Reducing Inequalities.

The theme of her topic, "Protecting the rights of refugee children in developed countries," highlights a critical issue that often goes unnoticed amidst the affluence of these nations. Developed countries, despite their prosperity, face challenges in ensuring the rights and well-being of refugee children who seek shelter within their borders. Miss. Diksha's work stands out as a beacon, drawing attention to the importance of addressing these issues for the betterment of society and the realization of SDG 10.

IIMT University - UNITED Nations - diplomat award

Her journey as a diplomat has been marked by her dedication to fostering inclusivity and protecting the most vulnerable members of society. Her tireless efforts in advocating for refugee children's rights have earned her the distinguished recognition from the United Nations.

SDG 10, "Reduced Inequalities," serves as the overarching framework for her work. It emphasizes the need to address inequalities within and among countries, including social, economic, and political disparities. By focusing on the rights of refugee children in developed countries, she directly contributes to the goal's objectives, striving to ensure that no one is left behind.

Her initiatives have spanned a spectrum of activities, from raising awareness on the challenges faced by refugee children to actively engaging with policymakers to implement inclusive policies. Her this notable achievement has been the establishment of educational programs tailored to meet the unique needs of refugee children taught by our knowlegeable faculty members of IIMT. Recognizing that education is a key enabler for social mobility, we at IIMT have worked tirelessly to bridge the gap and provide these children with the tools they need for a brighter future.

Furthermore, she has been a vocal advocate for the mental health and well-being of refugee children. The trauma and hardships faced by these young individuals often go unnoticed, and her initiatives strive to create a supportive environment that addresses their psychological needs. Through collaboration with mental health professionals and community organizations, IIMT has initiated programs that provide counseling and support, fostering resilience among these vulnerable children.

In addition to this, IIMT has been instrumental in building partnerships between governments, non-governmental organizations, and international bodies. By fostering collaboration, IIMT has amplified the impact of its initiatives, creating a more comprehensive and sustainable approach to addressing the challenges faced by refugee children in developed countries.

The Outstanding Diplomat Prestigious Award is not just a recognition of Miss. Bharti’s past accomplishments but also a call to action for others to join the cause. It serves as a reminder that the well-being of refugee children is a collective responsibility that requires concerted efforts from individuals, communities, and governments.

Aditionally, her receipt of the Outstanding Diplomat Prestigious Award by the United Nations is a testament to her exceptional dedication and impact in protecting the rights of refugee children in developed countries, and she serves as an inspiration for others to actively contribute to reducing inequalities and building a more inclusive world.