MoU Signed between IIMT University and Pritam International Industry

Title: MoU Signed between IIMT University and Pritam International Industry

Introduction: An important Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was recently signed between IIMT University and Pritam International Industry, marking a significant milestone in the realm of academic-industry collaboration. The MoU signing ceremony took place with Dr. V.P. Rakesh, Registrar of IIMT University, and Rajat Bhalotia, Chairman of Pritam International, formally sealing the partnership. The MoU aims to foster an environment of collaborative research and innovation, bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Enhancing Research and Innovation: Chancellor Yogesh Mohanji Gupta expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership, emphasizing that the MoU will open new avenues for research at IIMT University, complemented by industry support. This collaboration is expected to facilitate the transformation of cutting-edge ideas from researchers into tangible products, bringing forth a new era of innovation and development.

Benefits for Both Institutes: University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Deepa Sharma highlighted the significance of the MoU as a pivotal moment for both IIMT University and Pritam International Industry. The agreement is set to yield mutual benefits, creating opportunities for knowledge exchange, academic growth, and shared resources. This synergy is poised to contribute to the advancement of research, development, and overall excellence in both institutions.

Empowering Students and Faculty: Vice President of Pritam International, Sumitra Pandey, conveyed her optimism regarding the MoU's impact on the students and faculty members. The partnership will facilitate collaboration on research projects, access to advanced facilities, and promote an environment conducive to nurturing creativity and innovation. Both students and faculty members are set to reap the rewards of this collaborative endeavor.

Fostering Academic Collaboration: Dr. Mukta Sharma, Deputy Dean of the School of Life Sciences at IIMT University, underlined the primary objective of the MoU - to establish a robust academic collaboration between the two institutions. The agreement aims to promote the sharing of knowledge, expertise, and resources, fostering excellence in various domains, including research and other areas of expertise.

Conclusion: The MoU signing between IIMT University and Pritam International Industry signifies a momentous step towards strengthening the bond between academia and industry. This collaboration is anticipated to usher in an era of innovation, research, and academic growth. With a shared vision of excellence, both institutions are poised to leverage each other's strengths and pave the way for transformative advancements in research and development.


MoU Signed between IIMT University and Pritam International Industry