Safe Roads, Secure Future: IIMT University's Road Safety Campaign


“Let's collectively prioritize safety and make our university a model of responsible road behavior for everyone," with this beautiful message, Dr. Mayank Agarwal, Pro-Chancellor of IIMT University, launched a comprehensive road safety campaign on January 20, 2024, under the guidance of the Chancellor, Pro-Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, and Registrar of IIMTU.

The initiative aims to promote responsible behavior among students and staff through informative sessions and engaging awareness programs. It emphasizes the importance of pedestrian safety, using designated crosswalks, and adhering to speed limits on campus roads. At IIMT, we emphasize the importance of pedestrian safety, using designated crosswalks, and adhering to speed limits on campus roads. Compelling posters and digital media are used to promote the significance of wearing helmets, having a valid driving license, and using seat belts. Additionally, mock accident simulations and guest lectures from road safety experts are planned to create a lasting impact.

These are the outcomes of our road safety campaign:

1. Awareness Programs:

   IIMT University's road safety campaign will kick off with a series of engaging awareness programmes. These programs will include workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions conducted by experts in the field. Students will learn about the common causes of road accidents, the significance of following traffic rules, and the impact of reckless driving on themselves and others.

2. Collaboration with Authorities:

  IIMT recognizes the importance of collaborating with local traffic authorities. Through partnerships with law enforcement agencies, the campaign will organize on-campus events such as mock traffic stops and demonstrations to give students a firsthand experience of the consequences of traffic violations. This collaboration will also involve guest lectures from traffic police officers, providing students with valuable insights into their role in maintaining road safety.

3. Student-driven Initiatives:

   The campaign encourages active student participation in organizing and implementing road safety initiatives. Student-led committees will conduct road safety drives, distribute informative pamphlets, and organize events to engage their peers. By empowering students to take the lead, the campaign aims to create a sense of ownership and responsibility within the IIMT community.

4. Practical Training Sessions:

   Recognizing the importance of practical knowledge, IIMT will organize hands-on training sessions. These sessions will cover basic road safety skills, such as defensive driving, proper use of safety gear, and first aid training. By providing practical training, the campaign seeks to equip students with the skills needed to handle real-life road situations responsibly.

5. Community Engagement:

   Beyond the campus borders, the campaign will extend its reach to the local community. Outreach programs, such as organizing road safety awareness drives in nearby neighborhoods and collaborating with local schools, will be initiated. By fostering a culture of road safety beyond the university premises, the campaign aims to contribute positively to the broader community.

iimt university - road safety activity

IIMT's road safety campaign takes a holistic approach to instill a sense of responsibility and awareness among its student body. By combining educational programs, practical training, technology integration, and community engagement, the university aims to create a safer road environment for all. This initiative not only benefits the current student community but also serves as a lasting contribution to the larger societal goal of reducing road accidents and ensuring a secure future for everyone.


Safe Roads, Secure Future: IIMT University's Road Safety Campaign