Scout & Guide Camp 2024: Empowering Future Educators through Skills and Leadership


In June 2024, the College of Education at IIMT University hosted an enriching Scout and Guide Camp, showcasing a blend of learning, adventure, and community spirit. Organized under the esteemed guidance of Hindustan Scouts and Guide trainers, the camp spanned from June 26th to June 29th, offering students a transformative experience in skill development and leadership training.

Daily Activities and Skill Enhancement

Throughout the four days, students enthusiastically participated in a diverse range of activities aimed at holistic development. Each day commenced with flag hoisting and serve dharm prayer, setting a reverential tone. Practical skills such as knot tying and immediate first aid were taught, emphasizing preparedness and safety in outdoor settings.

Cultural and Social Awareness

The camp fostered social responsibility through activities like Nukkar Play and visits to Vradhashram, promoting awareness and empathy among participants. The art of tent making equipped students with essential survival skills, complemented by sessions on cooking without fire, demonstrating resourcefulness in adverse conditions.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Beyond technical skills, the camp nurtured personal growth and leadership qualities among future educators. Participants engaged in team-building exercises, honing their ability to collaborate effectively. Cultural activities provided a platform for creativity and self-expression, reinforcing the importance of cultural heritage in education.

Motivational Guidance

The event was graced by the Vice Chancellor, whose motivational address inspired students towards academic excellence and community service. Professor Emeritus Dr. Suraksha Pal’s profound insights encouraged aspiring teachers to embody integrity and dedication in their profession, aligning with the camp’s motto: "Be Prepared, Be Physically Strong, Mentally Awake & Morally Straight."


The Scout and Guide Camp 2024 at IIMT University was a testament to the institution’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded educators equipped for the challenges of the future. Through hands-on learning, cultural immersion, and mentorship from esteemed leaders, students gained invaluable experiences that transcend traditional classroom education.


Scout & Guide Camp 2024: Empowering Future Educators through Skills and Leadership