School of Media, Film and Television Studies Hosts Successful Two-Day Acting Workshop

The School of Media, Film and Television Studies recently held a two-day Acting Workshop aimed at enhancing participants' understanding of the art of acting and its various aspects. The workshop was conducted by theater artist, actor, and director, Mr. Avinash Chaubey, who employed various activities to teach acting skills and explain the different facets of acting in theater and cinema. According to Avinash, like other forms of art, acting can be learned.

During the workshop, Avinash stressed the importance of essential elements of acting such as dialogues, facial expressions, body language, camera techniques, and personality development. The participants had an opportunity to showcase their newly acquired skills in a theatrical play at the end of the workshop, and the best-performing students were awarded certificates. Dean Dr. Ravindra Pratap Rana presented a memento to Avinash Choubey in appreciation of his contribution to the workshop.

Dean Dr. Ravindra Pratap Rana encouraged participants to play their characters with passion, whether real or fictional. Professor Dr. Narendra Mishra expressed optimism that the students who imbibed the nuances of acting taught in the workshop could demonstrate their talent on any stage. Head of the department Mr. Vishal Sharma emphasized the importance of understanding the principles of acting as well as grasping the inner emotions and characters of the actors for better acting.

The workshop's success was due to the support and involvement of Dr. Vivek Singh, Dr. Prithvi Sengar, Sachin Goswami, Vibhor Gaur, Amit Kumar Rai, Nishant Sagar, Chandra Mohan Mishra, Abhishek Sharma, Gyan Prakash, and other teachers and students. Media in-charge Sunil Sharma provided special support.


School of Media, Film and Television Studies Hosts Successful Two-Day Acting Workshop