Unlocking Entrepreneurial Potential: Workshop on Entrepreneurship Skills


School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, IIMT University, Meerut organised a workshop on entrepreneurship skills, attitude, and behavioral development on February 6th February 2024. The workshop was designed to empower participants with the requisite tools and mindset to flourish in the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship. It encapsulated a multifaceted approach to fostering entrepreneurial acumen. The distinguished speaker for the workshop was Ms. Ekta Gaur, founder and owner of Jodidaar Closet. This workshop aimed to equip attendees with the essential tools and mindset needed to thrive in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship. Itgain insights into various aspects of entrepreneurship, including ideation, business planning, marketing strategies, and financial management. It unfolded as an immersive journey into the realm of entrepreneurship. Ms. Ekta Gaur's firsthand insights, garnered from her entrepreneurial endeavors, lent a practical dimension to the theoretical underpinnings of entrepreneurship.

Through her expertise, attendees were exposed to various facets of entrepreneurial ventures, ranging from the genesis of innovative ideas to the meticulous orchestration of business plans, marketing strategies, and financial frameworks. Moreover, the workshop focused on fostering the right attitudes and behaviors conducive to entrepreneurial success, such as resilience, adaptability, creativity, and a willingness to take calculated risks. Ms. Ekta shared insights from her online business and emphasized the importance and influence of digital marketing in the current digitalera. She also discussed how the internet and social media help young entrepreneurs grow their businesses and expand into different geographical regions. This also helps us understand the needs of customers from diverse cultural backgrounds and fulfill their needs without breaking the bank. 

Our studentslearned how to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset that embraces challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation. By the end of the session, attendees had a deeper understanding of what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur and were equipped with skills and strategies to navigate the complexities of starting and growing a business.

The collective intellects generated a synergy that catalyzed an enriching learning experience, transcending the boundaries of conventional pedagogy. Dr. Atul Pratap Singh, the Principal of SoPS, extended a heartfelt vote of thanks to the esteemed speaker, and the enthusiastic attendees. The resonance of Ms. Ekta Gaur's insights resonated beyond the workshop, instilling a renewed sense of purpose and determination among the participants.

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Amid the fervent pursuit of knowledge, the workshop hosted a diverse cohort of over 70+ students from SoPS. The workshop was coordinated by Miss. Mansi (assistant professor, SoPS) and Miss. Komal (lecturer, SoPS) under the expert guidance of Dr. Atul Pratap Singh (the principal of SoPS). All the staff at SoPS provided their support in making this workshop a success.


Unlocking Entrepreneurial Potential: Workshop on Entrepreneurship Skills