Committees at IIMT University

At IIMT University, we value collaboration and inclusivity. Our various committees play a crucial role in maintaining the quality of education and ensuring the well-being of our students and staff. These committees are made up of dedicated individuals who work tirelessly to enhance the academic and social environment within our campus. Explore the committees that contribute to making IIMT University an institution of excellence.

Sl. No.

Committee Name




Committee for SC/ST

Ensures the welfare and empowerment of Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) communities within the institution

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Minority Cell

Supports and addresses the needs and concerns of minority communities within the organization or institution Click here
3 Grievance Redressal Committee Responsible for resolving and addressing complaints, disputes, and grievances from stakeholders within the institution Click here
4 Internal Complaint Committee Handles and investigates complaints related to harassment and discrimination within the organization Click here
5 Anti-ragging Commitee Ensures the prevention and addresses incidents of ragging, promoting a safe and respectful campus environment Click here
6 OBC Cell Provides support and assistance to students and individuals from Other Backward Classes (OBC) communities within the institution Click here
7 Code of Conduct Committee Enforces and upholds the established code of conduct and ethical standards within the organization Click here
8 Academic Monitoring Committee Oversees and ensures the quality and effectiveness of academic programs and activities within the institution. Click here
9 A Sustainable Recycling of Agro Residue, Vermicomposting and Biogas Management Committee Manages and promotes sustainable practices for recycling agro residue, vermicomposting, and biogas production within the organization Click here
10 E-Governance / ERP Team Manages and oversees electronic governance and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems within the organization Click here
11 Proctorial Board Ensures and maintains discipline, security, and ethical behavior within the institution Click here
12 Unfair Means Committee Investigates and addresses incidents related to academic dishonesty and unfair practices within the organization Click here
13 Ph.D Cell / Section Manages and oversees matters related to the administration and support of Ph.D. programs within the institution Click here
14 Industry IIMTU Interface Cell Facilitates and strengthens the relationship and collaboration between IIMTU and the industry sector Click here
15 Value Education Cell Promotes and imparts values and ethics education within the institution Click here
16 Course Equivalence Committee Evaluates and determines the equivalence of courses and academic qualifications Click here
17 Central Committee for Campus Beautification Oversees and manages efforts to enhance the aesthetics and visual appeal of the campus Click here
18 University Social Responsibility (USR) Cell Manages and promotes the university's commitment to social responsibility and community engagement initiatives Click here
19 Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan Cell Coordinates and supports the Unnat Bharat Abhiyaan (Unnat Bharat Mission) program, aimed at rural development and community engagement Click here
20 International Student Help Cell Provides assistance and support services to international students studying at the institution Click here
21 R&D Cell Manages and oversees the institution's Research and Development activities. Click here
22 Media Committee Manages and oversees media-related activities, including public relations, communication, and content creation, within the organization Click here
23 Solar Panel Operations and Management Committee Oversees and manages the operation and maintenance of solar panel systems within the organization Click here
24 Sports Committee Manages and promotes sports and athletic activities within the organization Click here
25 Equal Opportunity Cell Promotes and ensures equal opportunities and inclusivity for all members of the institution, regardless of background or characteristics. Click here
26 Chhatra Shikayat Nivaran Samiti It typically deals with addressing and resolving complaints and grievances raised by students. Click here
27 Yuwamanthan Committee Fosters global dialogue among youth, promoting diplomacy, leadership, and a shared commitment to critical issues. Proudly representing India, it champions sustainability, peace, and growth. Click here
28 Various Cells under NEP 2020 Refers to specialized committees within IIMT University dedicated to implementing key aspects of the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. Click here
29 Institution Academic Integrity Panel To uphold academic honesty by addressing issues like plagiarism and cheating, ensuring a high standard of ethical conduct within the institution. Click here
30 Food and Mess Committee The "Food and Mess Committee" manages food quality and hygiene in an institution. Click here
31 Content Team Explore IIMT University through our content team, where we share engaging stories and keep you updated on our latest achievements and academic insights. Click here
32 University Ranking Committee The "University Ranking Committee at IIMT University" evaluates various factors to determine the university's national or international ranking. Click here
33 Cultural Committee The Cultural Committee is a dynamic group at IIMT University that orchestrates diverse cultural events and activities, promoting creativity and celebrating the richness of our cultural heritage. Click here