IIMT University, Meerut is very firm regarding spreading the essence of Social responsibilities among the youth of the society. USR actually means SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIPS BY THE YOUTH AND FOR THE SOCIETAL UP-LIFTMENT. In a broad way, it is defined as to create a difference to the economic and social well-being of our society with the help of self-driven and motivating attitude of the students and faculty members. USR also aims to motivate society to share their ideas and innovations with us. The core objective of the USR club is to align with the United Nations sustainable development goals and worked to achieve all the 17 goals. The nature of activities organised under the umbrella of USR includes awareness camps, societal campaign, skits, workshops for underprivileged section of the society and on different societal needs etc. Various schools of IIMT University like IIMT Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital, College of Law, College of education, School of Life Science Technology etc have organised timely activities under the USR umbrella. The USR cell is aligned with Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Cell (UBA Cell) of IIMT university to work in the fulfilment of the societal needs. Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Cell of IIMT University has adopted five villages. Our main objectives are:-

  1. To make a sustainable future.
  2. To create equality and diversity in such a way where diversity is treated equally and fairly as INDIA is a big bio-diversified nation.
  3. To serve the society with the aim of सेवा परमो धर्मः
  4. To provide solutions at grass root level to the underprivileged section of the society.
  5. To spread awareness among the children about their responsibility towards nature & nation, also develop the attitude of Right Choice, Right Decision and Right Direction which properly aligns with the objective of UBA-IIMTU i.e Smart Village, Self-Reliant and Self-Sustainable Village.

During the time of COVID19, Honourable Chancellor of IIMT University Shri Yogesh Mohan Ji Gupta initiated the movement in Meerut U.P., so that no single house affected with Corona sleep hungry, with this mission (SDG 2 Zero hunger), a team of social-worker worked and served the society. IIMT University organised “Bhandara” very frequently to serve the poor people of the society. IIMT Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital regularly organises various free Medical Camps “Nihshulk Chikitsa Paramarsh Camp” every month. These repeated exercises promote the SDG 3 Good health and Well-being. School of Life Science Technology and School of Agriculture endorses the afforestation and also donate the plant saplings to promote SDG 13 Climate action. IIMT University also works in the protection of endangered plant species. It adopts the alternate energy resources in its campus by installing the net-metered roof top solar panels, also adopts E-mobility in the campus to reduce the carbon footprint and promotes the SDG 7 clean and affordable energy and SDG 13 Climate action.

University has good infrastructure and adopts rain water conservation and harvesting approaches and also has a unit of solid waste management, planted solar trees in the campus which promotes all new innovations to achieve SDG 9 industry, innovation and infrastructure. IIMTU also promotes and adopts bio-organic farming practices. IIMTU provides shelters to animals like cows, rabbits, dogs, ducks, pigeon, and tortoises and promotes animal husbandry and in-situ conservation of bio-diversity. IIMTU is fulfilling its social responsibility by providing quality education to the girl children; it has tie-ups with rotary clubs and delivers free education to the under-privileged section of the society. These activities also fulfil the prerequisite of SDG 4 Quality education, SDG5 gender equality and SDG 10 to reduce inequalities. IIMTU’s Department of Biotechnology in collaboration with Global sustainable futures Network and Climate savers, work in the field of sustainability and clean water and sanitation SDG6. IIMTU’s Department of Zoology, helps in promoting the SDG 14 Life below water and SDG 15 Life on land by organising various sessions on conserving the fresh water biodiversity heritage. IIMTU has a student chapter of Indian water resources management to promote SDG 6 and SDG 17 i.e partnerships for the goals. University has various tie-ups with NGOs to provide industrial relevant skills to its students. University provides free skill-based learning and trainings to the underprivileged section of the society to achieve the objective of SDG 1 No poverty; also IIMT University frequently organises Employment fest “Rojgar Mela” to provide the employment to its students as well to the people lining in the Meerut District, with the aim to reduce unemployment and poverty.

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