Curriculum Design and Enrichment

IIMT University Meerut regularly undertakes purposeful and deliberate efforts towards the systematic organisation of its curriculum which is highly industry oriented and places itself at par with the trending advancement of the market. Few of our highlights of Curriculum Design are:


IIMT University’s main emphasis is to make the students industry ready by the time their program is complete. The Industry oriented approach of IIMT University has duel dimensions:

  • IIMT University invites consultations from the renowned Industry leaders at the time of updating its curriculum of any program offered. This includes revision of the syllabus for a particular subject or introduction of a new subject.
  • Students are given practical knowledge on the application to apply on product design, development and operation.



As per UGC norms IIMT University has adopted CBCS also known as Student Centric pattern of Education!

The CBCS pattern allows the students to choose inter-disciplinary or intra-disciplinary courses and skill oriented papers. This provides more flexibility for students in their learning process.

CBCS system allows students the flexibility of selecting their choice subjects. The subjects are categorised into various groups allowing them to select subjects of their interest under each group.



IIMT University focuses on the overall development of its students hence, it regularly organises Industrial/Corporate Visits for the students from all its departments for their real exposures.

For more detail on the industrial/Corporate trainings / visits, please click here (here the link will take people to Industrial trainings page)



IIMT University’s main objective is to nurture and develop industry ready students by the time they complete their respective programs. With this objective in mind, the syllabus of each and every course offered by IIMT University has mandatory projects that each student must do and the emphasis is given on a live project in the industry. They are also allowed to work on a novel idea if they have one, which can fulfil a certain need of the society. Many of our student’s ideas backed by our research department have been patented!

Engineering students have a minor project in their 3rd year of education while a major project in the final year.

Similarly to name a few; Nursing, Pharmacy, Computer Applications, Management students are also required to undergo mandatory industrial projects towards the fulfilment of requirement for attaining degee in their respective programs.



Fields trainings are an essential part of the academic curriculum for a number of job oriented professional programs being offered by IIMT University. These include: Journalism and Mass Communication, Nursing, Computer Applications, Engineering and Physiotherapy to name a few. It is compulsory for the students to sincerely complete their field trainings towards the fulfilment of requirement for attaining the degree in their respective programs.



IIMT University’s Case studies are an essential part of every professional course running at IIMT because; they help in understanding and analysing the real life situations. It helps students in idea generation, critical thinking, strategy making and takes them one step ahead in being industry ready.

At IIMT University the curriculum of all the programs is case study based and the emphasis is given on having one case study related to their subject at the end of each topic.

Flipped class technique is used by our highly skilled and trained teaching staff so that the students come discuss the case studies and let others know their views on the situation. The university has tie-ups with various publications and corporate for providing real-life case study scenarios.



IIMT University has instituted an extensive Employability Enhancement Programme (EEP) to develop the skills of the students and provide cooperate jobs. EEP’s main components are:

  • Employability skills classes.
  • Aptitude classes.
  • Certification courses.

At IIMT University the objectives of career enhancement initiatives are to enhance students’ capabilities as per their career requirements, to create awareness and motivate them to acquire add on skills other than their subject.



For Value-added courses we have tie-ups with NPTEL, Amazon - Web Services, Google Developers (Train the Trainers), E-yantra, Swayam (free Online Education), Virtual Labs (An MHRD Govt. of India initiative), National Academic Depository (Transparency & Transformation through Digitization), Spoken Tutorials by IIT-Bombay, MSME, MHRD - An Innovation Cell for practical & professional training (Government of India).

Moreover, we have included following value added courses to our regular syllabus for various courses:

  • Tally integrated with B.Com.
  • Python and Java integrated with various courses of Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Time-to-time workshops on accountancy, finance and computer languages are conducted with the help of industry experts.
  • Certification courses by Google, Coursera and Redhat.



At IIMT University, the evaluation system of each and every program has two sources. The first one is from Theoretical exams. The second is through continuous screening of the students. Under this system of evaluation of a student, the students are marked for attendance, presentations, assignments, participation in class activities etc. This prompts the students to be attentive in class, focus on core subjects as well as have overall development.

Moreover, presentations help the students to get rid of their stage fear and express themselves. This inculcates a spirit of leadership and professionalism in the students.



IIMT University has a dedicated Entrepreneurship Development Cell for grooming the Entrepreneurs of the future.

For more details visit our EDC cell page.