Research @IIMTU


To encourage teachers and students to work on community-focused, empirically supported, translational research that has major socio-developmental impact.

To establish a thriving and sustainable ecosystem for the promotion of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship on university grounds.


To increase awareness of "research for development" among students, teachers, practitioners, and sponsors in order to meet our needs for academic and socio-developmental advancement and to move toward increased research competitiveness on a global scale.

We are committed to encouraging and nurturing students', faculty members', and other aspirants' creative thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship in order to help our communities accomplish their social commitments and experience economic progress making INDIA "AATMANIRBHAR BHARAT".

IIMT University 100 IPR
IIMT University 60 IPR
IIMT University 100 PHD
IIMT University 1100 Research
IIMT University Incubation
IIMT University 50 Million


The cornerstones of IIMT University's long-standing pursuit of knowledge and ground-breaking insights across a wide range of fields and disciplines have always been researching and innovation. The university's faculty and students have been able to undertake research and create a wide range of innovations thanks to the support of the university's research and development department. The department's research endeavors have been primarily motivated by the need to offer the most useful solutions to some of society's difficulties. Additional financing for the university's extramural research initiatives has come from respectable institutions and organizations around the globe, who have sponsored awards totaling more than Rs 6 Cr. In-depth intramural research projects conducted by the faculties have also led to the filing and publishing of numerous IPR's.




In the last few years, IIMT University, which has a 28-year history as a collection of colleges, has experienced growth in the areas of research, innovation, and research-based academic planning.

The relentless pursuit of knowledge through ongoing study and innovation paves the way for the highest level of development. Our focus at the Research & Development Cell, has been on creating a venue where University students and faculties can engage in substantial research and consider recent advancements. We have been working on both intramural and extramural projects that are influencing how the research will be conducted in the future. Beyond the purview of research, I also think it's crucial to offer real-world solutions to some of the biggest problems facing the globe today. For this reason, the university has filed and published multiple patent applications and copyright publications.

At IIMT University, we are dedicated to making the goal a reality via our honest efforts. The IIMT inspires each of its staff members and students to be achievers since it is the epitome of progress and prosperity. The students place equal emphasis on academic performance and technical innovation, research, and creativity.

Through a variety of financed initiatives, idea patenting, and idea commercialization through companies, the university encourages teachers and students to engage in research and innovation. Through startup assistance services, students' entrepreneurial inclinations are promoted and cultivated with the goal of fostering sustainable economic growth and creating numerous job opportunities.

In addition to fostering research excellence, we support the government's initiative to foster entrepreneurship by offering start-up assistance, training, and coaching to new businesses.

The IIMT Research Center is dedicated to supplying the country with scientists, entrepreneurs, and start-ups through research, innovation, patents, and projects with the help of our peers and partners.


The Center for Innovation, Incubation & Entrepreneurship has been working on projects that are aimed at finding solutions for the progress and well-being of society. Numerous patents and copyright publications made by our faculty members and students have added to the body of academic knowledge. Also, we do offer world class incubation infrastructure to the ideas of the research outcomes to transform it into a viable business model.


Our researchers have produced ground-breaking discoveries and advancements. In a variety of fields, which have expanded the academic universe while forming curricula.


  • Giving university students and faculty members proper orientation, training, support, and networking opportunities
  • Encouraging and assisting IIMT University students to complete their PhD thesis, dissertations, and internships in translational and developmental research with the community in mind.
  • Promoting partnerships with academic, industrial, governmental, and non-governmental groups in order to increase implementation integrity and build research capability.
  • In order to promote shared learning and hasten developmental outcomes, research efforts should place a strong emphasis on scientific recording, publication, and dissemination.